Welcome to the Vortex Mystery School. We will be examining life's questions through the Mystical and the Scientific. Offerings will be lecture classes and courses on Modalities of Divination, Psychic Development, Astrology, Automatic Writing, Channeling, Sorcing, Palmistry, White Wicca, Pagan, Native American, Hypnotism, Spirit Guide contact and guidance, Moon Phases, Past Life Regression, Psychometry, Handwriting Analysis, Personology, Shamanism and Mysticism. We look forward to getting to know those who enter this sacred circle.

 I received my first Abenda channeling in June of 2002 which impressed me as to its' validity.

      Abenda contacted my maternal grandmother in spirit, who passed on 5/19/1929 at the age of 21 years.

      The confirming factor was Abenda named my Grandmother correctly. Her name was Letitia which is quite uncommon, let alone, her description of her appearance which matched the time period when she was here in the physical plane.

       Tara and Abenda have an unusual ability to work in both the physical,and spiritual planes, to assist those who need confirmation of loved ones on the other side, also karmic connections from past lifetimes.

                  Thanks once again,

                    Dick Buchanan

Tara Sutphen CHt

Tara Sutphen CHt is a master of the Mystic Arts. An Author, Psychic and Hypnotherapist, she has authored books and Grammy nominated. She has created several lines of meditation Recordings, Mp3s and DVDs. Tara specializes in Shamanistic techniques which teach you to utilize your psychic abilities at your highest possible level. She is a Master Hypnotist, her Goal Programming techniques have helped many become successful, find love, create better health, reach spiritual attunement, happiness, and even become famous and/or wealthy. Tara is well-known for her Channeling and Automatic Writing with her spirit guide, Abenda. Tara conducts and facilitates seminars and workshops all over the world. Over 200,000 people have attended a Sutphen Seminar, workshop, or retreat. www.tarainsight.com