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Welcome to the Vortex Mystery School. We are featuring Star Love Astrology lecture classes, lessons and courses by Matthew Engel and Tara Sutphen. We will look into the vastness of Astrology. We're hoping we can make it fun and easy for you to acquire this amazing antiquated knowledge.

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Tara Sutphen brings practical and effective guidance to our lives through a kaleidoscope of sources. From the mystical to the scientific, Tara reaches out for divine inspiration in the exact way that each of us need in any given moment. Whatever has us stuck, is shrouded or veiled, or whatever is blocking our success and expansion, Tara uncovers, empowering us to follow our highest path forward. If patterns or limitations have left you thinking, "There must be more," you are right. And this "more" is the wisdom Tara brings you..

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Matthew Engel LCSW, CHt

Matthew Engel is an Intuitive-Channeler, Hypnotherapist, and Astrologer. He does Consultations, and teaches Psychic Development Classes. Matthew has used his vision for Entrepreneurs and Companies, and offers a large range of healing, personal and business development services to offer insight, clarity, formulations, success and monetary advancement. When he isn't on teachable with Tara, you can find him at